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Unable to connect to service from server via CMS (FWM 01006)

For logging on to a BOXI cluster, also know as @clustername,  you need to have the file located on the webserver. By default this file is not there and needs to be created with e.g. notepad. The contents of the file is like below:

cms.clusters=@cluster1, @cluster2, @cluster3
cms.clusters.cluster2=server2.internaldomain.local:6400, server3.internaldomain.local:6400
cms.clusters.cluster3=server4.internaldomain.local:6400, server5.internaldomain.local:6400




Save the file to ..\PlatformServices1.ear\PlatformServices.war\WEB-INF\classes directory on your webserver. 

For JAVA webservers like Tomcat and Websphere you can also use the standard web.xml file, located at ..\PlatformServices1.ear\PlatformServices.war\WEB-INF, instead of the file. The clustering section of the file is like below:

    <param-value>@cluster1, @cluster2, @cluster3</param-value>


    <param-value>server2.internaldomain.local:6400, server3.internaldomain.local:6400</param-value>

    <param-value>server4.internaldomain.local:6400, server5.internaldomain.local:6400</param-value>












  • Sometimes the file is not recognized, forcing you to use the web.xml file and vice-versa.
  • According to SAP, Lifecycle Manager (LCM), doesn't use a web.xml or for the clustering information. However logging on to a @cluster seems to work without any problems. In case it isn't working like the screenshot below. To get this working first logon to one of the servers which are member of the preferred cluster. E.g. enter server1.internaldomain.local:6400 in the System field in case you want to logon to @cluster1. The webserver than caches all the members of that @cluster in memory where after you are able to logon to the @cluster1. Unfortunately these cached servers are removed after each webserver restart!


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